Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chavez Makes a Brilliant Speech... Quico responds with ad-hominem

At the recent summit on climate change in Copenhagen, Hugo Chavez gave a brilliant speech on the root causes of global warming. He focused on the problems of global inequality and unsustainable development, both problems that are inherent to the capitalist system. He then proposed that the world take a different path, an alternative to capitalism, and suggested socialism as a possible solution. Here's video of the speech with English translation:

So what was the response from our chronically clueless friends among the Venezuelan opposition? In a nutshell, it was this: "But Venezuela also pollutes the environment, and they export oil, so Chavez has no room to talk!!"

I'm not making this up. It really was that stupid.

With this logic, no one could EVER discuss the cause of global warming and climate change, because EVERYONE contributes to polluting the environment in one way or another, and no country has a perfect record (especially the rich countries).

But not only that, their response is the definition of ad-hominem. Instead of responding to the actual arguments Chavez makes, they attack the PERSON who is making them. And, in fact, the clueless gang over at Caracas Chronicles has shown that they are entirely incapable of even engaging any of Chavez' key arguments.

Once again, our chronically clueless friends have outdone themselves.